KEEP AWAY: the vampires should not integrate

Written for Reader Review Section for NEO Magazine. Published in issue #92

Dancing is fun. Vampires are seductive. Bund is… well I don’t really know. Put these three words together and it would be assumed that it would make one awesomely addictive series. Assumptions are usually wrong and Dance in the Vampire Bund is no exception.

A Japanese high school boy breaks a wall with superhuman strength and then is hurt by a comrade. Ok, it isn’t unheard of in anime. Said boy is then bundled into a car and taken to ‘The Princess’. Pay attention, the best part is coming up… Check out the dad’s ensemble! That is one killer potential cosplay. You can look away again now.

The only funny/good thing about the atrocity I witnessed

I blink away the dreary scene and suddenly there is so much naked seven year old I think this 21 year old girl is in the wrong place. Luckily the awkwardness is broken with body lotion and the high school boy’s hands. Oh wait.

When it got to naked child-come-vampire ripping off the shoulder of a maids dress so she can bite her uncovered neck but somehow also taking away the bodice, I regretted the decision to review this for free.

I have a terrible feeling that it will all get worse...

Unless you love pointless hentai and pathetic-but-strong characters, run, run fast. In the other direction.


2 thoughts on “KEEP AWAY: the vampires should not integrate”

    1. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend any, it really is just opinion. I may be a little naive but I was only being tongue in cheek with it all.

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