Good enough to be a tart? Or just dressed like one?

I haven’t been on here for a while. Thats pretty bad… but not as bad as the warm chocolate orange tart I just made…

Okay Okay, so the poor parents and boyfriend I just forced to eat a slice of it said it was good. That is what they said to my face.

I used a recipe from BBC good food magazine but adjusted it to my mum’s gluten free diet.

Anyone who used gluten free flour will know my fate already.


The first marked difference with good food is I made a large single pie/tart/THING when it describes 8 individuals.

When adding the yolks the mixture looked a little powdery. Knowing that mum usually throws in an egg to gluten free recipes to bind the flour I thought that would be fine… only to panic when my pastry suddenly looked like cake mixture. At this point my boyfriend, who encouraged to put in said egg, ran away to another room.

After blind baking, baking, chilling and a little bit of squishing with a metal spoon the bouncy sponge was definately more pie shaped. Enough for me to pour in the chocolate mixture so that it didn’t run over the sides and ruin mum’s laminate. :3

When looking at the process I could think of a wonderful blog to write with this.


Presentation is important to me...

…after eating this… there is now problems with my mental functions. My head seems to be spinning whilst sitting down, my teeth feel fake, my stomach feel like it was forged from iron and my whole body has engulfed its own body weight and multiplied it somehow.

It not like there could be that many calories in this desert….

Oh btw that ice cream looks proffesional because… well… it is. Good ol’ Ben and Jerry’s caramel thingy I forgot the name of because my brain is fuzzy… if I even attempt two thoughts at once a pain starts throbbing in my right side above my eye. And currently thought #1 is occupied by a pressing need to yawn.

*pause for third yawn*

makes you wonder why I'm not out there finishing it off right now... maybe with a shotgun...

I temporarily forgot what and why or when for how by where I was blogging about. Both eyes keep winking in unison and my head seems to be fuzzing along to a silent lullaby with a cymbal crash of yawning… thus I found this picture and remembered… I didn’t forget what I was blogging about… ¬_¬ I forcefully repressed it.

I am sure (quite) that the Good Food recipe is a good’un. I fear my skill must be the one lacking.

Oh well. I have 6 more slices to eat tomorrow.


too much way much how much


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