Sushi For Sammie

I made tamago yaki for the first time today. Actually I cheated and made the american version rather than the scary difficult Japanese one… but it tasted fine! I also made some easy onigiri as I was doing a platter for my sister’s birthday. πŸ˜€

I made up the omelette recipe a little as I looked online at 1pm and then just felt like doing it at 3pm after I had walked into town. I knew you wanted to know that important information. (Actually it is more of a disclaimer as I don’t know what I am doing!)

To make:

  • 3 eggs, it said to strain them through a sieve/collander to get rid of the membrane. I don’t know how important this is but I did it anyway.
  • tbls Soy Sauce
  • Stock Cube I used vegetable as Mum is a vegetarian but the recipe I saw used chicken/meat stock.
  • 2 tsp Cyder Vinegar. For some unknown reason I add this to everything. Probably because I have a large bottle and just need to use it. But it tastes good and gives a nice KICK to things.
  • Pepper. To season. Good ol’ black pepper.

You will also need short grain rice. ^^

It is more nom than it looks I promise!

You whisk all the ingredients in a jug with CHOPSTICKS. Heat some oil in an oven pan, I used a 10 cm cake tin. Once heated pour the mixture into the pan and bake for approx 8 minutes at 180 on a fan oven.

I cut my omelette when it was still hot but apparently you should let it cool down. I didn’t have any problems so if you are like me and have no patience it should be fine. This way is cheating already so it doesn’t matter to cheat some more!

I used a bottle top to shape it all into small bitesize party piece. It was all about half the size of normal sushi. I have to use a mold as I do not have the knack to squeeze my rice into shape- no matter how much I practice.

Bottle Top mold. A handy invention.

**Just so you know the recipe actually has sugar and salt too but I forgot all about it, it was fine, but might make it better. Then again with my mishap recipe it might make it worse >:)

A bitesize review…

The rice is succulent and moist, dispersing in my mouth. Biting into the omelette I am suddenly warped back into my youth when I was given a slice of bread to mop up my gravy after dinner… it is the same texture, the same flavour, the same feeling of having a wierd but gratifying treat. The small bitesize piece is delicious, although I could eat more… and more.




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