Mother’s Diet-Club Cheesecake

Extremely Creamy and not too sweet this is the perfect diet friendly sneaky treat as there is no sugar added. Whipped up in less than 15 minutes, all it needs is a few hours setting time in the fridge. Perfect after a roast meal. Makes 10 cheesecakes of modest portions.

"Trust me girls, I whisked ALL the calories out of it"

250ml Mascarpone

250g Natural Yoghurt

250ml Elmlea Double Cream

200g Melted Milka Bars (with daim bar for an extra crunch is delicious!)

100g Ginger Nuts

100g Amoretti biscuits

100g Melted Butter

Best served in individual dishes.

1. Crush all biscuits and mix with melted butter. Firmly push into serving dishes.

2. Whisk mascarpone, yoghurt and double cream together until smooth.

3. Whisk in melted chocolate with a marble effect.

4. Pour cheese mixture onto biscuit base.

5. Leave in fridge for approx four hours to chill.

6. Nom Nom Nom. ;D

So we ate them all too quickly to take photo’s as they were really yummy… but here is a fan pic of Gaara of the Desert to make up for it. (No I was not trying to make a pun with desert instead of dessert, Gaara is just too awesome not to mention in every blog post) (Unless you like the pun then maybe I did do it on purpose.)


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