Why am I so talented you ask? If only…

I have been trying my hand at making some phone charms. I know you can buy the catches, put some beads on and VOILA its done, but I had some wire and strong linen thread in my bits and bobs box (the women’s version of the man’s drawer, we are more practical and have ours portable ;-D .)

I have been using old parts of jewelery I don’t wear anymore, and also made some dream catchers from scratch too. Only one shown*

There is no sharp pieces of wire and they are completely safe to be dangling near screens. This was one of the things that I make sure of for each of them. Well the droplets might be a little risquΓ© but that is up to the beholder’s decision.

I am thinking of selling them ^_^ This is the test batch so obviously they will not be expensive but I would really appreciate some feedback and thoughts!


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