The Usual Sunday Suspects: carvery at the white horse – review

I stood patiently in line; not alone peering at the bed of meat that we were closing in on. The beef met my eye with a seductive glint upon its silver platter. A few creases in the aging skin only made it more tempting. Others chased down the fatty pork or the tender turkey, but the beef held all my attention.

I dressed the small serving plate with adornments to compliment further the golden brown slice. Cauliflower cheese, stuffing balls, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli and a drizzle of gravy completed my tribute to the beef. The peas I left behind, unwanted, in the carvery pot.

The White Horse Inn

I bit into the savoury sphere of stuffing and was shocked at the salty flavour, however, mixed with a creamy dash of potato and a soft carrot, the ball eradicated the need to add seasoning. The beef did not disappoint either, it was tender and filled my mouth with joy.

A sheer drop of quality hit me with the bland cauliflower; there was no hit of fresh veg coming through and the cheese sauce was; albeit extraudinarily smooth, tasteless and lacking a cheese with personality.

The carvery roast was finished and enjoyed before I realised, although I sat there satisfied, not uncomfortably full nor looking for more sustenance.

There is always room for strawberry cheesecake.

I thought there was always room for strawberry cheesecake.

My wandering eye had escaped the beef on our journey back to the quaint booth-like private seating. Sugar will always be a weakness to any meal. I could not stay loyal to savoury, especially when cheesecake lurked in a giant glass case rotating slowly, knowing that it looked delicious. It is impossible for a cheesecake to be modest, luckily it has no need for modesty.

However, this particular home-made cheesecake was only good-looking and disappointed my heart when I bit into it. I held such high expectations; when I saw the gelatin topping hovering above the pinkish solid-looking cream I should have known. I was fooled, and I do not recommend you make the same mistake.

Tasting as though a strawberry yoghurt had been set with jelly (probably had). I can’t fault the flavour of the gelatin topping, the sweet strawberry impact was incredible, alas I despise the texture of jelly and so it falls short of my praise.

The biscuit base had an odd salt tinge, and was oaty but not like a hob nob base. Most likely it was made from scratch, and although I like it there was no link to the strawberry more-mousse-than-cheese cake mixture to make the dish… well… make it good.

Carvery is wonderful here at The White Horse Inn in Launceston, but it would be better to just have a dinner size portion and fill of the best roast potatoes an establishment can offer.

Saying that I stole some of my sister’s cappuccino roulade and I may have dreamt it as I momentarily flew to heaven and back as the cream rolled around my tongue and the sponge, light as feathers, melted as I swallowed it.

No cheesecake, no matter how much of a cheesecake fan you are. Roulade all the way! β™₯


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