Melting down a leaf from paradise.

As a friend you would know I am all about drinking coffee, it is superb.

As a close friend you would know I actually only like sweet hot drinks. Although coffee ranks high with its robust and charming flavour I was raised on tea, and the delicate pallate will always be welcomed upon my taste buds.

A spoonful or two of sugar certainly helps the bitter strength go down, and leaves a soothing feeling and satiates your thirst.

However honey combined with the liquid will give a new definition that hardened granules of white sucre could never achieve.

As you lift the china to your lips your breath mixes with the heat resonating from the smooth caramel body. It moves noticeably with the ebbs of motion as you bring the bottom more adjacent to your own face. Expecting the boiling liquid to scold you take a tender sip rather than inhaling too much of the promised drink.

Yet you are suprised at the warm glow your mouth feels when the drink is not lethal, you take another swig and another, gulping down the creamy river.

It is not so full and robust as coffee is, but more of a softer feel as it swirls down your throat, you feel its decline but it flies swiftly and softly throughout you.

Perhaps it was a squeeze too much of honey in this cup for the sweetness is staying behind; lingering for a few seconds before evaporating in the heat left.

However the ratio now causes the water to be more than just hollow, it has the illusion of melted platinum running through you. Not gold but platinum for gold would be too strong and too thick; no the honey and tea combine in harmony to create the most delicate of rivers to flood you as well as being great enough for you to feel the very substance it is formed of. A most pleasant feel, that continues as you drink.

Left with happiness it does not sit heavy. A warm hug, a sweet kick, and the ability to carry on.


**all images taken of google images. just search for tea or honey and bee. voila.


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