The Sinking Phoenix

I had an awesome dream last night whereby I created a new creature.

I lived in a house that had shallow pools of water everywhere, and the windows were made out of fish tanks. They were all lowered so that air was coming in. I also had lots of little fish in these tanks just minding their own and swimming about.

Suddenly I was being attacked by lots of men and children. They were fighting all my pets (I found lots of furry creatures in the back of the house too) but I couldn’t defend them on my own.

I knew a rhyme that would summon a great guardian, alas I have forgotten the four line poem now, perhaps one day it shall return…

However, dream Natari knew it and she summoned the creature. In the dream I also had a book that told me the name of this dragon like serpent. The Sinking Phoenix フェニックス の 沈む .

A quick 'artist' impression: Sorry for the orangeness, my camera flash just makes it all white, and sorry for the terrible drawing talent!

He was green and shiny all over, with gills and fins around his wolf like face. There were feather quills running down his back. His eyes were black and he has only front arms with giant claws. He must have been about 20 foot long ending with more fins to help him fly through water. He was a water god that was for sure.

He bit the neck of the evil men and then dragged them to depths further than what the shallow pools we splashed through should have allowed, fighting like a crocodile. The people were afraid and began to run, I was throwing people over the top of my fishtank windows, although I was careful they did not hurt the fish in transition.

I then remember riding on the back of the Sinking Phoenix, his fin-like wings fluttering as we glided above the ground. I barely remember camp fires and happiness before the dream vanishes into the murky depths of the forgotten abyss.


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