Let’s convince ourselves, it’s all under control…

…a storm that we can brave…

^ Mcfly lyrics ^ ‘Corruption’

Turns out my boyfriend does read my blog (Hi Boyfriend *waves*) and he came to the house yesterday with such sad dead eyes… it was simultaneously scary and funny. I don’t mean that in a cruel way but I was strangely giddy yesterday and it put a rose tint on everything.

After allowing each other to revise/watch anime for a few hours we then talked.

It was a wonderful chat, we found that we are both angry at the pressures friends and family keep putting on us to be in a relationship. He just deals with the strain better than I do… Β¬_Β¬ Mr Superior.

πŸ˜€ Hahahaha.

It makes me wonder a little, I think I put that same kind of responsibility onto the shoulders of other ‘couples.’ You can never truly empathise until you find yourself in the same situation, but now I don’t want other people to tell me I have a future with a guy, that I am in love. I want to want a future and be working towards it, I want the time to fall in love. In the case with me and the boyf we Hate each other.That is our prerogative. We are happy in our strange little togetherness bubble and so many people keep trying to pop it. Probably because they think we would be happy in the real world, but were not ready. Why ruin our fun?

I suppose the lesson we should all take away in life is that we don’t know best for anyone, sometimes not even ourselves but especially not someone else. We shouldn’t meddle, which is ΓΌber hard for me because I love meddling. But I will always stop and think to read the person’s eyes in the future.

Eyes are the doorway to the soul, that is more than a saying, it is true. It will tell you if someone is happy or sad no matter how the rest of their body or words are speaking.

Be a bit more considerate, I will try to be as well.

**sermon over. Go get a cookie ;-D

Hey Heccalooloobabywoos β™₯ hope the exam went well. lol


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