An eNVious haircut?

That fateful day that I was stumbling across Falmouth, Cornwall trying to find somewhere to cut my hair I happened across a place with my own initials. NV. It felt like a sign, or at least a good omen.

What was funnier, the only stylist free was a lady named Natalie. Even the receptionist laughed when I said my name was Natalie.

Then I had all my hair chopped off.

Well no, not that dramatic. But my shoulder length curls was swapped for a pixie do.

It is 18 months on and for the first time in five years I have kept the same hairstyle for more than 6 months… it’s not like I can go shorter any more. Well, I could, but I rather not.

Natalie of NV hairdressing is pretty cool, she always smiles and pretends to remember me (I tend to skip the hairdressers for five or six months at a time.) She does eventually remember me; not that I speak much but she at least knows I am a student. I make sure that comes up just in case she forgets to discount me at the till. πŸ˜€

Another nice thing about NV is that the price is reasonable without losing the quality of haircutting. I am always happy (the whole four times I have been now) and complimented after.

I say complimented, I came home today for Ben to say I “Look like a parrot… in a good way.” Β¬_Β¬ Stupid boys.



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