Would you like some tea?

So that amazing blog called Tofugu is requiring summer interns to feed dinosaurs.They also require that same intern to be able to write well about internetty stuff (no, I can’t do that) Be able to search the internet not-like-an-idiot (my idiotic searches frustrate even me) do something about already knowing something about speaking Japanese (look how well I explained that) HOWEVER I can write foody. They want virtual tea. I can write Hot. I can write Tea.

The kettle whistles for attention from the side of the room. Wheeling back the chair from the desk it is abondoned for the hope of the hot liquid nectar soon to be ours.

The cups are already waiting by the steaming kettle. A hot sweat bead sliding down from the tip, telling me it wants to pour forth, but not yet, I’m not ready for that action.

I reach for the foil packet in the cupboard. Pulling apart the perforated edges to retrieve the bags inside. Three fresh locked powdered treasures seperated to individual mugs.

A silver spoon dips into the sugar jar, two for me, how many for you? I like the sweet taste, but maybe drizzling some honey would be more delicious? It does help the throat you know. the golden sticky substance trails down, adds a new hidden depth to the tea.

Milk before water, so as not to burn the tea. There is enough heat to come, we don’t want to ruin the flavour with a tainted smoulder too early.

Now for the eruption of water. It cascades out of the funnel in an ejection of boiling fluid; filling the threesome of mugs to the brim. The tea bags dunk a couple times, a few times I make them pulse manually and then fish them out to throw them away.

The tea is done; sorry, you have to get your own biscuits.


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