Ring of love or Ring of calorific doom – review

My friend bought me  renge de doughnut for my birthday in March, it may have taken me a couple months to finally use it for the first time but at least I have used it. Whats two or three months between good friends?

The instructions with it are entirely in Japanese. I am trying to speak/read/write にほんご but I barely know how to decipher the few little phrases I know well in under a minute. Therefore the recipe that comes with the molds is lost on me and I went in search of an internet one. Finding it from here eventually as it looked simple, yummy and I had all the ingredients. (I am not a cooking fairy, I will never know my own recipes without instruction, not even for pancakes/doughnut batter.)

I mixed up the batter and left for about half an hour whislt I ate leftover bolognese (extremely delicious bolognese I might add) and then braved the microwave of uncertainty…

the above video sums up my emotions whenever I use an applicance in this house. It truly is a wonderful video.

One minute and 30 seconds later there is a floppy looking beige thing in my mold that easily tips out onto a plate; it is a little too hot to touch straight away but after sprinkling a little sugar on top and walking the whole ten yards to the sofa it is cool enough to eat. (This comes from a girl who downs freshly made coffee.)

It has an odd not-quite-rubbery but rather gelatal sponge texture. I paused over the keypad for a whole 30 seconds then trying to describe it but there really is just no description. It is odd, without the sugar it would also just be … well it would just BE. the ‘doughnut/hotcake/ hotdoughcakenut’ is unlike anything I have eaten. It strikes no emotion inside me, it was just something I was consuming. I think I enjoyed it… I hope it did as the recipe and the amount I am eating (for the sake of this review) looks as though it is a billion calories.

I then thought I would be a little daring, after a sneaky trip to the cupboard I stole Georgia’s hot chocolate powder and tipped it into the rest of the batter mix. I only put in about 2 tbsp and after eating one Maybe I should add more. If only I had chocolate chips too…

The texture hasn’t changed… although it bubbled up a little funnier and I laughed to myself at the strange shape, a sort of disk ball disk thing with a pimple. I have such a command of the english language for this review!

There was no need for sugar for the chocolate one, it had a pleasant flavour, but the products just seem a little stodgy to enjoy too often. It may be another three months till I make them again… although the batter just doesn’t go down so it will probably last me three months.

I can’t fault the product though, the renge de doughnut molds are wonderful and really easy to clean. I will probably try to translate the recipes to make bagels as that looks fun, and to use a a jelly mold will be extremely useful. The ring shape is totally かわいい.




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