Home Cooking: Onigiri… taste explosion or soothing glutinous comfort?

The overowering scent of the seaweed twines itself around the voluptuous disk in my fingers. I nibble away at the unique grains of white that escape order, fearful of plunging in too quickly.

Its cold, and the plain taste is again attacked by a smell of seaweed. But in chewing it all evolves, the coldness balances the heat on my tongue, the soft sticky yet fluffy texture cascades across my taste buds.

The second bite is quicker, this time tuna mayonnaise add to the equation, with that sharp bite of secret dash of cider vinegar and the warmth that comes with meaty substances.

another bite but not so graceful, the tuna is somehow bittersweet against the rice, and explodes in my mouth with such contrast. The left side warm and fluid like whereas my right hand bite feels cool and full.

The penultimate biteΒ  tears at the nori, the rice squeezing out of my hold as the nori refuses to break. A hidden burst of cider trickles along to cover the strong flat taste, and suddenly I know nothing but sesame ans onion seed asa the hidden rascals play along behind my lips.

The last devouring bite is taken with relish, but perhaps should have been broken into two as all the flavours maraud me one by one, each making me stunned and a little destroyed inside my heart. Luckily the rice saves me with its all seeing wash of plain flavour and consumes all over ingredients until they are manageable. A little sesame and tuna fall behind the rest and my first rice ball, Onigiri, is eaten.

You may have guessed but I made my first Onigiri (Japanese rice ball) today. You use cooled down short grain sticky rice and can choose to put a flavour in; they can be savoury or sweet. Normally savoury but I was tempted to use jam for my first ones…. however the jam I found in our fridge had an unknown indescribable (but not fluffy!) friend in the bottom so it was quickly introduced to MrBin.

As the above says I actually used Tuna Mayo, but not much cider vinegar and only a little mayo to make sure it isn’t too wet. If the filling is too wet the rice won’t stick.

I used a cookie cutter and a wet palm (you need to keep your hands wet or the rice will stick to you and not to each other) to make shapes. I used a cat face and Georgia made a dinosaur. Some have fillings, some do not, it was just a trial run anyway.

With the leftover rice I just made a little cube and ate to see what it was like, it may just be my wierd way of LOVING rice but it was actually really nice to just eat a chunk of rice and I can see why it is so popular to eat rice balls. Although, I definately need more practise, so anybody willing to give me FREE Japanese cuisine lessons I will happily take them; never before have I had so much fun cooking. ^^

It should also be mentioned that this was my first ever time (at 21 years of age) to make not boil in the bag rice. Big thumbs up for me. :3 [insert smugness here]

I still have half a bag of rice left so next time I will make sushi!


2 thoughts on “Home Cooking: Onigiri… taste explosion or soothing glutinous comfort?”

  1. What’s up, I log on to your new stuff like every week.

    Your writing style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

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