Why am I not asleep at 2.30am?

So I happen to be morphing into some nocturnal creature of late. I stay up later and later and shun all manner of light, except the iridescent glow of the laptop screen. This may be because I am a student, and to be able to spend time with the other students I have to mimic their behaviour; thus setting us all up to stay out late on student nights in town.

However I only go out once a week and that is a Friday. But I have a terrible sleeping pattern all week long. I don’t even accomplish anything, just listen to my library of music again, complete the next level on a game, read a book/manga or watch a film. And then I forget to review them!

I am currently on a mission to complete my essay, I really hate essays. There is absolutely no reason to have such a large bulk of text unless it is a novel. Like Karen Chance’s Touch the Dark for example. (Soon to be reviewed I promise!)

I have really neglected my blog again; I put all the photos of my recent Cosplay on the other day. I didn’t really try with the explanations of each photo, thus not really conveying just how very much I am in love with Cosplay.  One day I will find the secret to motivation… and that day I will blog about it so even though I may be sporadic and hyperactive it would do you well to subscribe and to keep reading my blogs when I do post for one day that investment will pay off.


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