In a Dazs

I shivered; the cold air from being near the door and my nails losing their grip of the frozen tub collaborated together to thwart me. I pulled the furry cover over me a little more, and twisting the spoon around my fingers gave me the leverage needed to pull the cap free from the pot.

in a Dazs of wonder

A plastic seal confounds my entry again. My body heat keeps my hands from aching as they grip the tub this time for the final assault on the packaging. It slides away with a little tug, and the dark room is lit up by the cream underneath.

We three sit huddled on the large sofa, holding our treasure limply leaning the ice encrusted skin against arm rests and blankets. The movie begins and with the delicate insides vulnerable to our hovering spoons we plunge into the depths.

The Haagen Dazs gives way to me as if it wants me to dig deeper. The edges melt quickest, and I scoop up the milky ice cream just as speedily and taste, for the first time, the wonder of the Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheescake.

The smooth strawberry ice swirls around my mouth, bringing a small joyous tear to my eye.

My breath holds within me as I taste the next mouthful. This time I catch a juicy cheesecake style base of cake that is littered throughout the entire tub. They are not selfish with dishing out the luscious chunks; I do not need to hunt or to search endlessly to enjoy them they come to me so willingly and in such beautiful quantities.

A 500ml tub may be too big for some people alone; but that night I was with my girls and the overeating does not affect you (much) when a film is playing and a blanket is covering your pyjamas on the sofa.

This ice cream was in fact a rebound purchase after I fell in love with Ben and Jerry’s strawberry cheesecake, but it abandoned me and now the only time I see it is behind a frosted door in a tiny pot with a price tag that makes my student loan shudder. The Haagen Dazs was Β£2.07 on offer and tasted every part like heaven on earth, even if the secretly obsessive chunks were smaller that what Ben and Jerry used to offer me they still had the incredible chew to them that makes your whole body relax and contemplate divinity for a moment.


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