My heart is a creamy centre encased in a smooth shell… Just so you know.

The sparkling red packaging slips off the sensuous egg with ease, allowing a golden brown shine to emanate against the now silver backdrop.

The little egg in between my fingers slides a little with the body heat pressing against the soft outer casing; and the moment my lips meet the deity that is the Lindt Lindor mini egg it serenely melts into a flood of the creamiest and most milky chocolate upon this world.

“Divine,” he said as his eyes closed in passion of the taste. “It is a sweet for grown-ups; I would buy these for myself” Uncaring that they are created in the spirit of an Easter gift. These covetable little rubies are under Β£2 a packet at a supermarket near you.

The flood seeps down my throat and coats my insides with its wondrous flavour. It is over quickly, a short burst in just a few seconds, not even a minute. They are so small that you need three to make a bite size, and the moreish consistency will give you the taste for chocolate without settling your newly founded craving.

My perfect remedy to this cheeky flaw would be the Lindt bunny. :3

I wait all year for these entities to hop onto the shelves, a little expensive; a decent size is going to take Β£3/4 from you… But the sacrifice is worth the soothing melt of quality chocolate. When the first ripple dances upon your taste buds you will be chasing those rabbit down the street, flinging coins in all directions to hunt them to extinction.

I read somewhere the other day that Scientists have found if you think about eating a chocolate cake then you are more likely to stay slimmer than a control group as it eases cravings. It is as though the imagination can feed you physically of desire (not of nutrition, don’t try, if you think you can go anorexic then try some Lindt, it will hurt too much to try and starve if you knew you could never eat this chocolate again.)

However, if I think about eating one of those little but creamy, ovaline beauties that is a Lindt Lindor mini egg… I also think of running up the stairs tearing open the present I just wrapped for my boyfriend and eating the entire 30 strong treasure trove I know is just waiting…

PS: DO NOT eat after flavoured rice. It will depress you.



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