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Fifty Shades of Grey – Preview

Wow, this is actually a thing. The Fifty Shades of Grey Film, is actually going to be on the same screens as Shrek, Rise of the Guardians, and How To Train Your Dragon. Who wants to go in and sit on the seats for the second showing, any takers?

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The Bees by @LalinePaull – Review

WHEN golden banded honeybees, so often likened to summer and honey sweetness, become the metaphor of a dystopian version of British Government and the Monarchy, what is one left to think? Continue reading


@Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Preview

 Why should you buy Pokemon Mega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire this winter? You know, other than being an impossibly obsessed addict who didn’t consider not buying it.

Remember Diancie who was kind of cute but a little bit too rocky to be cuddly? Meet Mega Diancie for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Continue reading


Anime vs Manga: Phantom Thief Jeanne – review

Phantom Thief Jeanne manga was brought to the English speaking audience in March this year by the fantastic people at Shojobeat, of Viz Media. I was a little slow on the uptake, what with it now being May and I have only just picked it up, but seeing all the gush about the series on Twitter when I saw it sitting on the shelf in Waterstones, well, you know my track record of resistance. Continue reading

Josie Whale, fourth from left on the front row, with the other tenor horns
from the Easter course last year.

Brittle Asthma will not stop Josie blowing her own trumpet – Feature

TALENTED young musician Josie Whale, of Launceston, has been invited to take part in the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain Easter course again this year. Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat leader, reads top local broadsheet, the Post.
Picture: Paul Hamlyn, Launceston

Nick Clegg, deputy PM, talks North Cornwall and the lack of magic wands – Report

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, visited Launceston as part of a tour to big up the thousands he has granted for the Cornish Language (you know, that one nobody speaks). I was allowed five minutes to question him about things, which he tactfully edged around and didn’t answer; just like a real politician. Continue reading

Natari Himi

Roger Moore to recall Launceston – Feature

While working at the Cornish and Devon Post I was able to subedit work done by work experience kids. I set one, Ruth Musson, a creative writing task for a feature on a local man who is publishing director at Son Christian Media Ltd, which publishes magazines Sorted and Liberti. She did well, although it needed changes it was mostly house style. Continue reading


Join the mayhem of Lost Saga! – Preview

WANT to brawl in beautiful anime style with characters from every fighting demographic one could dream of? Of course you do…

Nexon Europe is pleased to announce the opening of the new official Lost Saga website (, ahead of the game’s Open Beta Test, which starts at the end of April. Continue reading


Catch Magmar or Electabuzz on X and Y in April! – Preview

The Pokemon Company International is offering a free Easter gift of Magmar on Pokemon X and Electabuzz for Pokemon Y  from April 4 for a limited time — and all you need to do to get them is visit your local Game store! Continue reading


No dodging the talent of Ella Eyre at the fairground – Review

I was invited along to this year’s Lumia Live session with Ella Eyre last night (details below). It was good fun, the intimate concerts take place in random venues; there is little cooler than antique fairground rides. Dingles, Lifton, did not disappoint, and nor did Ella herself. She was a charming young thing with loads of talent. Continue reading

Natari Himi

Launceston fight Hallam Land Management in appeal for development – Report

A NOBLE effort was given by Launceston residents to voice concerns during the public inquiry into a controversial development in the town.
Hallam Land Management appealed against Cornwall Council’s rejection of a planning application for a mixed use development of up to 100 houses at Upper Chapel, to include up to 40% affordable, as reported last week.
The application met with outstanding public objection, many fearing it would add to regular congestion in the Moorland Road, St Johns and Upper Chapel area of the town. Cornwall Council’s planning committee refused the application on grounds of the development’s impact on traffic congestion in the area, the infrastructure in place not suitable for the increase, and the issues on the amount of affordable and market housing.
The public inquiry into the appeal took place at Launceston Town Hall between Tuesday, March 18 and Friday, March 21; chaired by Chartered Town Planner Geoffrey Hill. Barristers leading the appeal included: Christopher Young for Hallam, Ned Helme for Cornwall Council, and Laurence Osborne for Launceston Town Council. Continue reading


Don’t give her an old bag — give a #TeaPod! – Preview

Anyone who knows me, knows I love tea. It’s true. And any true tea lover would want to find out about the latest invention on how to enjoy tea. Such as the remarkable new TeaPod. Continue reading


Frogs, Cats and Pyramids – Could there be a better title? – Preview

It is not often that a title alone can sell merchandise, but Tony Cleaver’s Frogs, Cats and Pyramids has probably already got your attention. Why not give into temptation and go buy it from recommended purchases? Continue reading

yi number

My number is up – Review

Remember the book I found out about a couple weeks ago? Well now I own it, and it is wonderful. Continue reading

Two whole action packed series!

@NetflixUK I choose you! Stream type @Pokemon – Preview

As of today, March 1 Pokemon fans across the Netflix streaming service will be able to get their dose of the adorable pocket monsters and the ever youthful Ash Ketchum. Continue reading


#Win books with @DarklyDelishYA and @BookNerdTours Good luck to all! – Competition

May the Luck of the Irish be with you!


Just click this link for

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to try for a pot of gold!

Well, Amazon vouchers … but in my opinion books are akin to a pot of gold.

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Fairy and Rock type pokemon: Automatic yes or an uncuddly no? – Preview

All of us Pokemon Masters have our own ideas on what makes the greatest team: Endurance, brute strength, agility, type, or even beauty. My usual suspects revolve around the last two, but beauty will always win. Continue reading

yi number

What’s your number? Was finding Yi Number Oracle destiny? – Preview

I recently came upon this book, Yi Number Oracle by Joey Yap. As a love of the fantastical and avid fortune teller of sorts myself, I couldn’t help but be wholly intrigued. Continue reading

Natari Himi

Coffee shops can’t be dream jobs? Why not employment minister? – Feature

This is a piece I wrote for the Cornish and Devon Post Series January 30 edition. It came about after I read the Daily Mail‘s article on an interview with Employment Minister Esther McVey, and also the Guardian‘s comment is free article in response to it. Continue reading

Which princess will Teppei choose?

Which princess will the princess lover pick? – Review

You never need look very far to find an anime or manga centralised on a revenge plot, often becoming an orphan or as good as, or a harem, or the poor being thrust into the society of the rich (usually by way an elite academy). Princess Lover upholds all of these values, along with a healthy dose of fanservice. Continue reading